Special Pricing for New Subscribers

Special Pricing for New Subscribers

Special Pricing for New Subscribers

Sign up for our Basic, or Premium Marketing Packages and you will pay ZERO commission to INNsight since your appointment reservations will be booked using INNsight's own commission-free appointment reservation system.

Many other website developers tie you into long term contracts and prevent you from leaving their service. We think such long term contracts are an admission of having a weak product that competitors do not feel necessary to innovate. We are so confident that your business will benefit from INNsight, that we know you will stay with us and look at us a partner in your business.

We remove the difficulty in finding the right domain name and the burdensome cost of hosting and managing your own website. When you subscribe to our websites Powered by INNsight, we will design, host and manage your website for free!

Create and manage your entire services menu online with ease. Add photos, pricing, and descriptions for menu items and easily manage the presentation of your online menu of services and product offerings.

You will receive access to our free Content Management System where you can easily manage your salon or spa's details, photos and social media so you can show off your beautician services with ease.

INNsight will take your salon or spa's website content and localize it for several key languages such as German, Italian, French and others so you can show off your salon or spa to The World!

When you subscribe to our standalone salon or spa website Powered by INNsight, we will fully design your salon or spa's website for free! We will use our highly optimized appointment booking engine and online menu ordering platform which is married to a world class content management system to create a unique and professional website. A Basic subscription consists of a website with up to 10 custom pages, whereas a Premium Subscription will deliver even more custom content and modules.

In our socially connected world, it is increasingly important that you create and manage your social relationships with customers online. INNsight will create and manage your Twitter and Facebook and Google+ accounts and ensure that your online reputation is managed actively. INNsight staff will manage your Yelp and Google Reviews and ensure that your business is marketed in a positive light with our inclusive Reputation Management program.

Your site will attract more potential customers with cutting-edge search engine optimization and our active SEO management. We will ensure that your standing in search engines like Google and Bing are optimized and traffic flows directly to your website organically. In addition, INNsight will take care of optimizing all of your local and places search touch points for free.

Need your @domain.com email hosted? No problem, INNsight.com provides affordable email hosting service with outlook, web, and mobile email access. You will get a 25GB mail box per user (mailbox).

When you subscribe to our Premium package, we will create a customized blog for your business where you and your staff can highlight your salon or spa and its menu, services, products, events, etc.

Subscribe to our Premium Package and we will create a create a world class responsive mobile website experience that is optimized for smart phones and tablets.

With a Premium Website Powered by INNsight, your salon or spa will be highlighted throughout the Core INNsight.com search engine with featured placements.

Take advantage of our proprietary messaging system called INNbox and connect with customers. When you use the INNsight Salon & Spa Extranet, your customers will be automatically connected to you via INNbox allowing you to keep in touch and manage your customer relationships.

Whether you list for free or subscribe to our paid packages, you will receive unprecedented access to our free Salon & Spa Extranet which can help you manage your basic customer check ins, check outs, and online and off-line appointment reservations and online menu ordering.

Create promotions for your service menu items with Markdown Manager, our easy to use deals engine, which also promotes your deals on INNsight.com.

Create your very own custom promotion codes to share with guests so they can obtain % or $ off discounts on their service.

Now you can create your own customized % or $ off discounts or specials and packages that customers can select on your website.

Set up custom Specials and Packages that are displayed on your salon or spa's home page and also a tab on your website Powered by INNsight.

The INNsight Salon & Spa Management System provides Daily, Monthly, and Annual Sales Reports. The more you use INNsight to manage your online and offline sales, the more information and analytics you have at your fingertips.

We offer reports with detailed analytics and charts to help you draw INNsights that show traffic and user behavior on your salon or spa website.

We will create detailed reports that will demonstrate the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns so if you can decide to invest more to your online marketing budget based on results.

Although we have created an easy to use platform to help you market your salon or spa, we'll always be a simple keystroke or phone call away. Customer support at different levels is available to our salon owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enable online appointment booking directly from your Salon or Spa website so guests can select any service from your menu and book their service appointment with ease.

Send custom designed marketing emails to your customers with ease. The INNsight Email Marketing System coupled with all of the powerful merchandising tools and salon or spa website Powered by INNsight will help you captivate your customers and drive more sales to your business.

What are your customers saying about your salon or spa? The INNsight Reputation Management System collects customer reviews from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google and your own website to give you analytics about customer concerns so you can continuously improve your operations and drive more sales.

Operating your salon or spa requires purchasing inventory, performing facility maintenance, and managing employees. Take advantage of tools that will help you track maintenance issues, Lost & Found, and employee schedules so your salon or spa operates efficiently ensuring customer satisfaction.

If someone ties you into a long-term contract, they aren't going to work hard for your success. We hang our hat on our product and services and strive to continuously innovate. Tying you into a long-term contract is not conducive to our goals! If you're not happy, cancel at any time.

Subscribe to Premium and we will set up and manage your Google Adwords account for free. You can choose the ad spend amount you want to allocate per month. You will be billed directly for the amount allocated, but you will pay zero for management of your online advertising. If you are interested in either Search Ads or Display Ads, or both; the experts at INNsight will manage your search engine marketing to make sure your ad spend is optimized for conversions.